Program Length
11 month (46 weeks) diploma program with over 1300 hours, 650 of which are hands-on.

Small Classes
Unlike every other school, only one program and one start date per year with a maximum enrollment of 68, creating true small class sizes with unprecedented access to faculty and facilities.

Only Program of its Kind
The only program of its kind which prepares students to enter any field in the audio industry. Diversification is key to employment in today’s audio industry; the unique design of the program allows for career changes or transitions to different audio fields or paths.

On Site Facilities
8 on-site fully equipped studio spaces.

Curriculum and project content designed in close consultation with numerous employers and our alumni network of working industry professionals for maximum employability.

Reputation & Completion Rates
• Over 35 years of experience with a well-respected global reputation.
• Life long career support and guidance.
• The highest program completion (>85%) and industry job placement (74%) rates in Canada.

Employment Rate
The finding in the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) survey, conducted for the Ministry for Training, Colleges and Universities, of private colleges for the 2013 academic year showed that, at 71.4% employment:

• OIART outperformed its nearest competitor by over 16 percentage points;
• is 60% higher than their lowest competitor; and outperformed the sector average by 30%.

Those stats are not just related to any job – 71.4% of our grads earn full-time employment as an audio industry professional. Exactly what you dream about doing! Other programs just don’t compare.

If working as an audio professional is your dream, then OIART is the place you need to be!

It’s also worth noting that our student loan default rate is less than 5% — because our students find work in their chosen profession quickly and can start repaying it right away.

We have been crafting our curriculum for years to provide you with the skills to turn your passion into a rewarding career. We are constantly refining our curriculum to give you the skills required to make truly astounding audio productions and to surpass the expectations of the modern employer.

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You love to play with different sounds, mixing things up and introducing a new layer or two. You always have a beat in your head and you love sitting at your computer with sound streaming to your ears. From Lady Gaga to Billy Talent and Ed Sheeran to Kanye West, our grads have worked with countless artists from every genre and won Grammys and Junos for their work.

Come express yourself and launch a career in Music Production.


Perhaps you do sound for your school plays and assemblies, maybe run the sound at your church or DJ at clubs and parties. You’re the “go to” person for setting up sound systems – from home or car stereos to PA systems. When you or your friend’s band play, you’re the one trusted to run the show. When you go to see a show or concert, your eyes aren’t on the performers on stage, they are watching the engineers at the mixing console and the other professionals behind the scenes. From world tours to theatres and concert halls, to cruise ships and hotels, the world of live sound is a fast-paced, technologically advanced and rewarding career path full of OIART grads.

Come find your “A” game and launch your career in Live Sound and Event Production.


Perhaps you’re an avid gamer fascinated by game design, a film buff who knows suspense is something you hear, maybe you’re into sound design, making videos of your band’s shows or you have a YouTube channel you create content for. From Much Music video awards to the Stanley cup or the Olympics, OIART grads are there. What do Hollywood movies, hit TV series, award-winning documentaries and the hottest video games have in common? All feature the audio work of talented OIART grads.

Sound effects, dialogue, Foley, music….you want to learn it all. Come learn from the best and launch your career in Audio for Visual Media.

Part of providing you with a real-world education is exposing you to leading experts in the industry. OIART provides the perfect balance of full time on-site instructors to mentor and guide you with working guest lecturers to give you real world knowledge, insight and perspective.

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For me, the biggest benefit of attending OIART was the access to world class instructors on a daily basis and their guidance on my future career. The small class sizes, 1 on 1 time with professors and their dedication to your projects really set OIART apart from other schools I researched. I feel like in this day and age technical skills can be learned in most courses/online/etc but the real life examples and assistance I got from my professors was what set my experience apart.

Chris Masson (’12)

Engineer, Grayson Matthews Inc.


OIART’s process in teaching and approaching technology and signal flow has given me the confidence to tack any piece of gear I’ve run into since graduating. I feel like I could step into a plethora of industries and be a step ahead.

Tim Spence (’11)

Technical Producer, Corus Radio

“OIART has the most comprehensive audio course. It gave me a solid understanding of the fundamentals and gave a strong foundation to build on. OIART was very helpful and insightful on how to approach the initial years of my audio career. In addition, it has a strong alumni network, which is a great resource.”

Sohan Jagtap (’14)

Sound Designer, Ubisoft

One of the most exciting, engaging and rewarding aspects of our program is the student projects. OIART has more hands-on time than any other program giving you a significant amount of time to flex your creative muscle working on projects developed around your interests. Our real-world projects are developed in conjunction with employers and are designed to develop skills that are highly sought after in the audio industry. Write, compose, create and produce while being guided, critiqued and mentored by your instructors. Collaborate and exchange ideas with your classmates to push your productions to the next level. By the time you’ve graduated, you’ll have a high quality and professional employment ready audio portfolio or demo reel showcasing your skills.